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LuxiSoft Sofa Plush Non-slip Sofa Cover Couch Protector

LuxiSoft Sofa Plush Non-slip Sofa Cover Couch Protector

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Made of Chenille, this sofa cover is super soft and cushiony with a non-slip backing so it does not slip off your couch.

Great for protecting your couch against pets and the wear and tear of everyday life, or to lift the look of your lounge room.

Available in three different colours and a variety of sizes, there is one to suit all couches.

It comes in sections for the different parts of your couch including the armrests, back and seats.

The cover lays over your sofa cushions you sit on. To measure for the right size, measure the total width across the front of the couch  space the cushion take up (so exclude any arm rests) and then the width of your cushion, which is from the front of the cushion to the back of the cushion.

Machine wash cold and air dry.

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