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Beard bib

Beard bib

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Mens Grooming without the Mess!

If the person you share a bathroom with gets a little crazy every time they find hair in the bathroom, or if you just want an easier way to groom.your beard with less mess, you are not alone.

Many men have taken to shaving in the yard to save themselves the bother of cleaning up all those little hairs. Instead, take a shave in this sexy beard apron to catch the tumble of unwanted facial hair that would usually fall in the sink or on the floor.

It adheres to the bathroom mirror with suction cups that the beard apron hangs on, then the beard apron can then be shaken directly into the trash leaving you with ZERO mess to clean up.

Made of nylon, the hair just slides off the beard bib with ease.

Here’s to making your mum, housemate or partner happier than ever!

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